Africa Business Training Foundation (ABTF)

Africa Business Training Foundation is a non-for-profit organization created in Dakar, Senegal, in April 2011, with the aim of providing entrepreneurial courses and business-related capacity building activities for women in particular, young and old. Africa, but in particular the French speaking region, comprising many countries commonly known as “least developed countries”, is behind in international trade. Through ABT, we would like to contribute to reversing this trend, providing people with a chance to develop revenue generating activities and entrepreneurship, to become trade professionals, so that they will in turn become full-fledged economic agents in their home countries.


Africa Business Training (ABT) works to foster peace and stability through international trade in French speaking Africa. We seek to encourage capacity building in this field and to find practical ways to create workshops, courses, training etc. for women and future generations so that they can build a better life.


Africa Business Training (ABT) wants women and future generations to have a full range of educational opportunities in order to attain economic empowerment and to become decision-making leaders in Senegal in particular, but also in the other French speaking countries of Africa.


• strengthen local income-generating activities;
• promote equality and justice in Africa by transforming unjust institutions and social practices;
• promote life skills for young women and illiterate women;
• promote the economic empowerment of women and produce resources that are appropriate for women’s needs through vocational training and business skills;
• provide health education in the areas of preventive health care, nutrition, hygiene, safe sex, prevention of adolescent pregnancy, family planning, midwifery, as well as treatment of HIV/Aids, malaria and other diseases;
• organize workshops, seminars, and conferences with the aim of educating as well as providing a venue to share information and experiences;
• develop partnerships with other NGOs, governmental programs and civic organizations;
• promote global consciousness and ecological stewardship.

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