Senegal is one of the most stable and industrialized countries in West Africa.

The country is a member of sub-regional organizations such as UEMOA (Economic and Monetary Union of West Africa), ECOWAS (Economic Community of the States of West Africa), the OHADA (Organization for Harmonization in Africa Business Law) and the OAPI (African Intellectual Property Organization).

General Information

President of the Republic of Senegal : Mr. Macky Sall, elected in 2012

Nature of the state : Democratic Republic

Total population:15,084,690 inhabitants

Capital:Dakar ; estimated population (2011) : 3,630,324 inhabitants

Mayor : Soham El Wardini since september 2018

Area : 196,722 km

Some Economic indicators

GDP : US$ 16.37 billion 2017 Economic activity by sector : Value added (in % of GDP) :

Primary sector : 16.2%. The main crops are groundnuts, cowpea, cassava, melons, millet, rice and corn. Fishing is also an important source of revenue.

Secondary sector : 23.6%. It is based primarily on the production of fertilizers and phosphoric acid exportd to India and peanut processing (oil and meal for livestock) and seafood.

Tertiary sector : 60.2%. This sector features, in particular, excellent telecommunications infrastructure, which favors investments in telecommunication services and Internet.

Economic Partners around the world

Customers : France / Guinea / Mali / India / Switzerland

Suppliers : China / France / Nigeria / Netherlands / United Kingdom